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Space & Place

A Day in Life


‘Wake Up and Live’

In almost all academic works on Space and Place, Culture and Identity, there is usually the contention that we live in a world of ‘Self and Other’. Many try to offer a translation on these social differences between distant cultures, highlighting just what makes us all exceptionally different. When given the brief to create a photo essay, my first thought was that pictures, if used correctly, can speak a thousand words. After some research I came to the conclusion that comparisons between pictures was the best way to format my collection, and by doing so, I could create something dynamic and visual, which could also transmit a universal message.

The crux of my photo essay was to highlight the inherent qualities that all cultures, the entire human race, ultimately share. We all breathe the same air, we’re all victims to the notion of time, even if it is in completely different ways. We all learn, play and grow old. We all witness the rising of the same sun and the return of the same moon at night. We sleep, eat and have relationships and family time. Ultimately, we are the same.

The ‘wake up and live’ spread were the only two contrasting images I intentionally put together to create an alternative view. It features a woman in bed on one side and a woman holding a crying baby on the other. The message being just that: ‘wake up and live’; sometimes, in our westernised lives, we forget all of our natural human instincts, instead of embracing them. Perhaps in other cultures, these fundamentals of life are at the very foundation of their lives, and quite rightly so.

I purposely left out political, economic, religious and environmental issues. Not because they are in any way unimportant, but so that the focus is solely on the parallels in our lives. Naturally some of the images do subtly reference the afore mentioned topics, yet in some way, keeping them in and not trying to edit them out, was not only unattainable, but actually further helped to reinforce the message.

I am hopeful that the relationship between image and text within this visual spread highlights the parallels in all human life, despite location, faith or technological advancement. And perhaps, this is something we all need to ‘wake up’ to.