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Streamlines: Poetry in Focus

The following pieces of Poetry are taken from Streamlines Magazine, conceived and expressed by patients housed in The Humber Centre, a medium secure hospital near Hull.

100 Years from Now

No more babies in the future
We will be cloned by computer
Drugs will have solved every mood
There will be no need for food.

We will live in outer space
Earth will be a forgotten place
A world which had a nuclear war
A planet which is no more.

Drugs will have solved every deficiency
We will function with total efficiency
Our bones will be so much stronger
And we will live for much longer.

The downside is we will not feel
And life will no longer seem real
The mass will replace the individual
And love will be entirely residual.

The woodland walk

In spring it has a pretty face
It’s a peaceful sort of a place
Lots of trees, lots of flowers
Where I spend some happy hours.

There’s birds and squirrels
And the peacocks too
And daffodils in spring
It’s all so fresh
As I catch a breath
Of what simple things can bring.

A Fish Dream

Oh to be a fish
One in a tank and not on a dish
Chasing other fish about
And no one trying to fish me out.

To be kept in a tank nice and warm
Safe in a tank where my fry could be born
I would reach a grand old age
No fear of being fried with sage.

I would swim in water nice and clean
But this is just my fishy dream.


When you get older and lose your teeth
All of a sudden you can’t eat beef
Cheese is hard and so is crackling
No more happy, snappy snacking.

You will get some plastic teeth
That will shine and look too neat
No more fillings and no more drillings
Toothache is no longer killing.

When you clean them just pop them out
And plonk them in some liquid grout
It’s easier, quicker, cheaper, all in
But I feel like Gromit with my gummy grin.

Personality Disorder

Personality disorder oh what a joy
Came to me when I was a boy
Bigs me up and then pulls me down
I walk around with a great big frown
Who am I? is this me?
My life’s not full of glee.

Personality disorder I stand out in the crowd
Been going like this for quite some time
Shows no signs of slowing down
It drives me mad to be this way
Every day I go astray.

Personality disorder be on your way
Time has come to keep you at bay
Work so hard to put you right
I can and will be complete
And have the world at my feet
The man I can be, all to play for.
Defeat is not an option
Good bye personality disorder.


They say that snow is on its way
I hope that it’s a better day.
The snow should come down crisp and white
I hope I don’t get frost bite.

Every flake is different so they say,
But that is mainly by the way,
The snow should come down and lay
Oh how I wish I had a sleigh!

I would like to build a snowman if I could
A big one, that would suit me good,
One with a carrot for its nose
Before it melts away and goes.

Colourful Moods

Green is for envy
And red is for frenzy
White is pure
Purple, obscure.

Black is the colour of death
And yellow is a coward’s breath
Blue is the shade of sorrow
And grey is neither today nor tomorrow

I Have a Dream.

One day soon I will be free
Just like the birds and the bees
The road ahead may be long
So let’s unite and stay strong
For in this world we do belong
And if this dream comes true
I will eventually be with you.
This is my Dream.

A kid Again

I would like to be a kid again
Playing with my train,
Playing with my whip and top.
The fun it never ever stopped.

To play with my mam and dad
And try not to be too bad,
To go to school and play with friends
Hoping the days would never end.

After school I’d go out and play
Until the end of every day
I would pray before my bed
And mam would kiss me on the head.

I would sleep right through till morn
Softly dream until the dawn
I would wake up to a new day
When the only thing I knew was play.